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Automation That Works.

From milliamps to motors, we design and build PLC control and process automation systems incorporating instrumentation, valves, machine vision, operator HMI and VFDs that get the job done.

Geared toward assisting small to midsize manufacturers, we excel in guiding the automation and process control effort for both new and replacement systems. We won't dictate what you need - we work with you to provide options that get you the functionality you require at the best possible cost. To do that, we integrate specified automation equipment with advanced programming methodologies and years of plant floor experience to provide the result you require.

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Better Bytes. Better Brew.

Utilizing industry leading software and hardware, IOTect is designed as a standard mobile app but customized for your operation's needs.

Our software puts control in your brewer's or operator's hands, both from an instantaneous standpoint via mobile devices and from a historical and statistical process control outlook, providing data capture and display via spreadsheets or charting for later review.


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IOTect Brewery Control App

Automation for breweries, desalination, machine vision

and other small to midsize companies looking for best use of proven cloud technology.




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Since 2006, A.C.E. Inc. has been actively involved in seawater reverse osmosis desalination systems, pumphouse distribution controls and lift stations. In that time, we've been awarded project involvement ranging from construction management to the complete design, build and commissioning of MCC and control systems for eleven brand new or completely refurbished RO plants plus upgrades or modifications to several other facilities. These locations include the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Bahamas, Mexico and the British Virgin Islands. With the completion of the latest rebuild on Grand Cayman, nearly 100% of the public water supply in the Cayman Islands is made available with the assistance of an Automation & Control Engineering control system.

Give us a call at (920)461-1710 to see how we can put that experience to work for you!

desalination marshalling panels Caribbean
Desalination marshalling panels
Desalination RO HMI graphic
Desalination HMI RO graphic

Machine Vision

Taking the time to understand the problem AND the process. That's our approach to machine vision projects.

We've been building area and line scan vision machines for custom applications since the late 1990's. With this experience in engineering, design and commissioning we have the knowledge to ensure your automated inspection project will be successful with minimal impact to your production operation.

Our systems have been used in web processing, machining operations, bottling systems and many other procedures where defect detection, assembly verification or character recognition at a rate that is not achievable or sustainable by human eyes is required

Call us at (920)461-1710 to see what solution we could provide for your inspection requirement. We'll start with a discussion of what needs to be accomplished and verify that one of our vision systems – or any vision system for that matter – is the best solution.

automated inspection detail
machine vision test lab

Brewery & IOT

Cloud based and mobile ready control and alarm system solutions.

The IOTect idea was born from a continuing desire to make advanced technology automation solutions available to small businesses and start ups. We've been designing and building automated equipment and processes for over 25 years however, our greatest satisfaction comes from seeing our smaller client companies have success and knowing that we were a part of that. To that end, when a personal friend asked for a "state of the art" control system for his brand new craft brewery we were honored, and used the opportunity to create an online application that allowed the master brewer at Cognition Brewing to control fermenter temperature settings and get alarms and messages from anywhere with their phone or tablet. After so many years of automation projects, finally - two of our favorite things coming together - craft beer and control systems!


Cellar Control Mobile App


Truck Wash Tablet App


Utilizing industry leading software and hardware, an IOTect system is designed as a standard package but customized for your operation's needs whether that be small breweries, truck washes, remote lift stations, etc. No internet? No problem! Our 4G/LTE solution powered by our cloud modem gets data into your hands from anywhere that a mobile signal is available. Cellular connection via a proprietary VPN with varying IP address provides the security for our IOTect solutions. For an example of the response times, check out our demo app and imagine how having your data within easy reach can help you get the most out of your operation. Give us a call to learn more about how we can customize our system for your requirements.

Tie all that together with a capital friendly leasing program and your operation's technology and repeatability will be leading edge at an affordable cost. Check out our demo brewery control automation project and if you like what you see, call or email us to learn what type of solution could work best for the operation you have in mind.

IOTect - Brewery Data And Control

For a working demonstration of IOTect mobile, just click below and you'll go directly to the demo. This mobile app is designed for Android - Firefox and Safari. Designed for mobile access at its core, the mobile demo can still be viewed on a standard PC provided you have the latest version of Java on your PC.

Each customer will get two project links - one fine tuned for mobile devices and one for standard PCs. For our demo, tab navigation is enabled, as are all buttons and setpoints and should provide a good idea of what IOTect can do for you!


Mobile Device Demo PC DEMO

The IOTect mobile app

fermenter control